About us

Ashleigh and Ashley, best friends on a mission to be the change they wish to see in the world. After meeting in first grade and foregoing recess to help their teacher clean the classroom, everyone knew a special friendship was in store. Fast forward 12 years. Ashleigh graduates and pursues her dreams of becoming a hair dresser. She began as a traveling hair dresser and educator moving from Ohio to Tennessee to New York then back to Ohio where she opened and operated a salon. Gaining so much attention for her skill and work ethic that she then opened two other salons. In 2013 she sold all three and her and her husband moved to Maui, Hawaii. During that time Ashley went to college, studied abroad in Uganda where she fell in love with the country and the people. When she came back to the states she kept Uganda in her heart, purchasing items that gave back, had a story or a bigger meaning behind them. Ashleigh was the recipient of many of those gifts! Ashley graduated college and began life as a working adult. Jumping ahead a few years Ashley came up with the idea to offer a storefront to organizations who "give back," are fair trade or made in the USA. Ashley took the idea to her best friend and instead of offering a "yeah I like that" or "maybe it would work," Ashleigh responded with "I love it, let's do it!" Two short, fast, crazy months later Be the Change Boutique opened in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina on December 13th, 2014. After 1.5 years in Mt Pleasant the girls decided to take a huge leap of faith and move to King St. They are now located at 218 B, 2nd floor, lower King St, just above Nine West Shoes. You'll know you're there when you've found the best kept secret in Charleston. 
The mission of Be the Change Boutique is to offer a storefront and bring awareness to organizations that "give back" locally and globally while offering items to customers that are high quality and simultaneously give shoppers the opportunity to purchase with a purpose.