Sseko Design Mojave T-Strap Accesory

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Add a touch of gold to your Sseko T-Strap Accent Sandals with the hand-beaded Mojave Accent! The Mojave Accent is hand crafted with matte golden-hued beads in a stunning chevron pattern that will an edgy polish any look. These accents (and all T-Strap accents!) are interchangeable and can easily be swapped to change the look and style of your Ssekos in one simple step.

Sseko T-Strap Accent Sandals are produced in Uganda and help enable young women to attend university. Sseko hires academically gifted young women during the nine month gap between secondary school and university to earn money that will go directly towards their education. At the end of their nine month term, Sseko will match 100% of their savings with a college scholarship.

In addition to providing opportunity to college-bound students, Sseko employs women from all walks of life who are ending the cycle of poverty. By wearing Sseko T-Strap Accent Sandals, you're providing opportunity and making a direct impact in the life of a woman. Sseko sandals and accents are made with material sourced locally from the East African region. 

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